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Clients (selected) 

GEO Epoche‘
GEO Wissen Gesundheit
GEO Wissen
GEO Saison
P.M. History
P.M. Schneller Schlau 


2023.  Curation, ‚re:vue 2023‘, Galerie Huit, Les Rencontres d‘Arles, FR
2023.  ‚with everything that‘s going on‘. F2-Fotofestival Dortmund, GER
2022.  BredaPhoto Artist Residency, NL 
2022   ‚STATION‘, group exhibition with my work ‚It hurts‘, Breda, NL
2022   Further 03, ‚Zumindest nennen mich die Menschen so‘ (publication)
2022   Curation R21NR.7 ‚Our Common Ground‘, Bielefeld, GER
2021   Curation, R21NR.6, ‚Looking Out Looking In‘, Bielefeld, GER
2021   ‚with everything that’s going on‘, ICPSFF Film Festival, Istanbul, TUR
2021   ‚with everything that’s going on‘, Kunstverein Bielefeld, GER
2021   Cover image for ‚anderswo‘-booklet, Bielefeld, GER
2020.  Further 02, ‚Diary at Grandma’s‘ (publication)
2020.  ‚Junction‘ group exhibition, Maqam En-Nabi Musa, Westbank
2019   Canon Student Programme, Visa pour l’image, FR
2019   Fotobus Screening at Visa pour l’image in Perpignan, FR
2019   Curation, ‚Beograd‘ group exhibition, maschinerie ev., Dortmund
2018.  ‚Beograd‘ group exhibition, Bielefeld, GER
2017   Curation, Namibian & German short film festival, Goethe Institut
          Windhoek, NAM 



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